Mother’s Day – May 11th 2014




By Brian Weidenbacher


Being a mother is not only an honor and privilege, but a blessing bestowed on women.  It’s not just simply a result of giving birth, or receiving a child.  It’s a journey of spirit and time, transcending their own limitations and empowering their offspring to do, and be, more than they could ever envision.  It is a journey into the heart and soul of what it means to be woman, and to be fully present for the benefit of another human being that has unconditional love and trust in you.


The word “mother” is heavily defined by emotion, love, trust, protection, influence,  and truth.  It is, basically, an impossible task to be a mother …… but somehow every mom pulls it off with grace and style.  Moms are expected to be strong yet gentle, corrective yet conciliatory, accepting yet uncritical, and self-sacrificed yet self-fulfilled. Motherhood is a fraternity of loving, nurturing, and sincere women.


Motherhood is a beautiful ride, sometimes a wild ride, and the most incredible journey a woman can ever take.  It changes the way a woman thinks about herself, her family, her friends, and the world as a whole.  It changes the way she acts and reacts.  A woman becomes more beautiful after child birth.  She glows with a brighter love, not just for her child, but for everyone.


The Our Town News staff would like to wish every MOM a sincere “Happy Mother’s Day”.  It’s your day ……. enjoy your “day off” from not just the toughest, but the most blessed job in the world!


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